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Boycott Slavery
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This is a product Pre-Order.  We are expecting our first production delivery by July 25, 2022 and will turn them around to our supported within a week!

Boycott Slavery gives consumers a tool to directly affect bad actors within our society and force these businesses to change their ways or collapse.  People all along the political spectrum boycott all manner of companies over inappropriate business practices to signal their displeasure.  But there is one business type that should be on everyone’s boycott list, one economic practice that we should all work together to end…  Slavery.      

Atleast $20 of every $29.99 purchase goes directly to support the foundations listed on the site.  The rest goes to the cost of production of -two- Boycott Slavery bands that are shipped direct to you.   We encourage you to wear one - let those in trouble know they have allies - AND - we invite you to give one to a friend!  Get the word out! 

Every band has a QR code that drives you to a site with information about how you can get involved to boycott slavery! 

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All profits from any sales and donations to go to groups who are directly involved in helping to extract, house, heal, and restore victims of slavery.  

 Currently in the United States the available Government resources are simply not up to the challenge.  Help lines often lead to voicemails, there are less than 200 safe houses for people who have escaped trafficking and there is next to nothing in government programs to help those who do escape to integrate safely back into society.  Often victims discover that escaping from their captors leaves them in the hands of underfunded government workers with insufficient resources.  Many discover that their lives were better with their captors.  This is unacceptable.  It is time to stop relying on broken government systems to save these lives.  It is time for those who care to step up, it is time to build a network of volunteers and charitable organizations dedicated to ending slavery and freeing its victims.